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Helping Hands

Help us make a difference by connecting banks & underprivileged women



Underprivileged Women enrolled in accidental insurance



Underprivileged women on their path of becoming insurance agents and achieving financial independence.



Banks accounts opened for underprivileged women

According to an economic survey, only 3 out of 100 people have life insurance in India. We work to remedy that

Survey of a random sample of  50 people

About Us

     Insurvive is a startup based in Ahmedabad founded by Meha Parekh, a high school student at AIS, that works on liking both ends - women and banks - to create a more equitable society. We collaborate with various NGOs such as Yoganjali Kelavani Mandal, Akhand Jyot, Karma Foundation etc associated with women's empowerment to enroll women in government-subsidized insurance schemes. We help women find financial stability, independence, and human dignity in society. Inviting bank officials from nationalised banks like the Bank of Baroda, we conduct insurance camps.

 We believe enrolling even one person in insurance schemes is indeed meaningful. We must start small to eventually achieve greatness. Please feel free to reach out to us through our contacts. Whether you are an individual or an NGO, looking to advance female equality and dignity please reach out. We would love to have the next camp with you!

     We have branched out to carry out women empowerment initiatives too. At Yoganjali Kelvani Mandal, we held an empowerment session inviting insurance officials from LIC (Life Insurance Corporation of India) and impacting women to take a step forward and train as insurance agents. The response and enthusiasm were truly phenomenal. We love to experience smiles at our camps and sessions!

Why Enroll Yourself
In Insurance?

A multitude of women we have encountered at NGOs do not have access to the information and lack insurance. Insurance is not a luxury bestowed upon a select few but instead fundamental to everyone.


-Financial Assistance in times of need such as accidents, death, health-related problems etc.


-Support for families in times of crisis: a way to look after your loved ones.


-Peace of Mind: knowing one is finally secure can go a long way, especially for families that live on minimal income.


-Offers: At times, insurance companies provide offers leading to a reduction in the premium.

Government Subsidized Insurance Schemes

Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana

     People in the age group of 18-50 are eligible and can be enrolled on this scheme if they consent to an auto-debit of INR 446 from their account. In case of the unfortunate incident of the death of the insured (for any reason), coverage of INR 2 lakh will be offered.


Pradhan Mantri Vaya
Vandana Yojan

     A simplified scheme of assumed interest of 8 percent is implemented through LIC (Life Insurance Corporation). People above 60 years of age (senior citizens) are eligible for this. It was implemented to provide security in old age and protect elderly people from the uncertain market forces affecting interest rates. The payment of an initial lump sum of INR 1,50,000 leads to a minimum pension of INR 1000 per month. The maximum lump sum possible is INR 7,50,000 leading to a minimum pension of INR 5000 per month.


Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana

     People in the age group of 18 to 70 are eligible and can be enrolled if they consent to auto-debit of INR 20 per annum from their account. In case of an accident leading to complete disability, the scheme offers coverage of INR 2 Lakh. In case of an accident leading to partial disability, the scheme offers coverage of INR 1 Lakh.

At times, limited educational qualifications become a barrier to many individuals with zeal but no degree. For training for insurance, a minimum qualification of only grade 10 is required. This enables a prospective person to at least consider this field as a career.


Furthermore, it allows for flexible timings. These women have a multitude of tasks - one of the most significant ones is looking after their household. This flexibility enables them to simultaneously work towards financial independence and look after the family. It's a win-win!


Why become Insurance Agents?

It also provides a source of passive income. Insurance agents earn commissions even after a policy is sold for up to 20 years! It provides a great return for these women for their time and effort compared to other laborious jobs. 


Consider a table with 4 pegs with each peg representing a source of income with four pegs the table is stable and balanced. However, with only one peg the table is likely to topple over. Becoming an insurance agent is an opportunity for women to add to the family by supporting it financially. 


I believe women are perfect for this particular career path! Why? Let’s explore this. Women are more receptive to emotional responses and can better sympathize with others facing unfortunate incidents. This innate quality is required for this job, especially. It involves convincing people, and sympathizing is a great way to do that!

If you are an NGO interested in our empowerment session or even an individual seeking 25 hours of insurance agent training please reach out!


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